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Our studio is in a small village (apr. 300 inhabitants) called Dafni (Mandanika) and 6 km close to the beautiful town of Limni (Elymnio) and it's beaches. The village is very small, only apr. 300 inhabitants. It is situated on a high point of the Dafni-Kechries valley, with a very good general temperature, rarely going as high as at the beaches. The house itself is on the highest point of the vest part of the village, so there is enough air also on hot summer days. Nights can be very pleasant, with all the woods around.
The village is in a very good strategical point, 6 km from the vest coast and 20 from the nearest beach of the eastern coast, so you can choose each day to visit another gulf in the area.

The entire region of North Evia is characterized of a glorious historical past and deposits of great civilizations. Oreous, Istiea, Edipsos, Elimnio, Orovie (Rovies), Kirinthos, Artemisio, Kineo etc. are names of ancient cities that had developed great cultural activity in all of the historical periods, and of areas associated with the mythology or with determinant moments of the Greek history.

The modern cultural image of N. Evia has been improved considerably under the influence of the Greek refugees of Asia Minor since 1922. Prokopi, Farakla, Kirinthos, N. Pirgos, Taxiarhis, Kastaniotissa, N. Sinassos, these are the most important refugee settlements of N. Evia and the starting point of the wave of progress which was the characteristic of the past century.

The ideal combination of the verdurous woody mountainous environment with the beaches of superlative beauty, is what makes the northern part of Evia different from the other touristic areas of Greece.


Period 2 persons  3 persons  4 persons 
May, October25 €28 €31 €
June, September25 €28 €31 €
1-20 July, 21-31 August30 €33 €36 €
21 July - 21 August33 €36 €39 €
November-April30 €33 €36 €

The fourth person (preferably a child) can sleep on a cot.


Description of our studio:
Our cosy studio is 30 m2, it includes a double bed and a single bed, an american style kitchen and a bathroom with shower. The studio is one of the best equipped in the area, it includes  vessels for cooking, electric fireplace and oven, refrigerator, microwave, coffee-filter, toast preparator, roaster. It has a TV, but we have only the Greek channels running for the moment. It has plenty of books to read in Hungarian language, some in Romanian and very few in English. Maybe you bring us some books, that you don't want, for our next quests! ;)
In front of the studio there is a long balcony with chairs and table, offering a fantastic view in the valley. From here you can go to a small yard, shadowed by arbor.

We offer free wi-fi internet.
We do  not ask deposit and no extra cost, except the price on site. We are a Greek-Hungarian/Romanian family so communication can be done in 4 languages: Greek, English, Romanian and Hungarian.
There is plenty of parking place in front of the house.
The village is a very quiet one, except some of the Sundays, when eventually weddings are held in the central taverna.

What the studio do not include:
- telephone, dish washing machine, washing machine, air conditioning. We can give you though a ventilator and you can also use our washing machine once a week if needed.

Smoking is not allowed inside the studio. Cleaning and change of sheets, towels every 4-5 day if requested.

You can find a little shop at 50 m. Mobile vegetable-, fruit-, fish sellers at least twice a day, bigger shops you can find in Limni (7 km) or Mantoudi (15 km). They are are open even in the afternoon. In the village there are also two traditional taverns, a traditional Greek coffee-house and a fuel station. In Limni you will find everything you need, doctors, teachers, banks, taverns. 3 times a day the bus to Athens stops in the village.

Photos, video:
If you cannot wiew the following slideshow on your Android phone, I suggest you to visit my photos on my Picasa page CLICKING JUST HERE


Kochili beach

For swimming you can choose among the coasts of Aegean sea or Evian gulf. The nearest beach however, is the pebbled and crystal clear watered beach of Kochili, situated near the small town of Limni, approximately 7 km from the house.

On the other side of Limni you can find also a nice beach called "The old factory" (Palio ergostasio), situated in front of a very old factory, and the beach Kukunaries.

There are several swimming possibilities further along the Evian gulf, and not far away from the house, beaches in Chronia, 9 km, beaches of Rovies, 15, Hlia 20 km, and the famous Loutra Edipsu 30 km. These are the thermal waters from where Herkules gained his super power. The best thing anyone can do, is to visit each day another place.

In the same way, on Aegean coast, beaches of Agia Anna (20 km from the house), Vasilika 30 km, Ellinika 40 km, Pefki 50 km are waiting to be discovered by the traveler.

You can make the  round trip of North Evia, a very nice trip to do, visiting also the Monastery of David and the natural park of  Drimonas, with the small waterfall.

AUTUMN IN DAFNI - Be a part of the olive collection !

Our offer:  7 days/6 nights - 400 eur 2 persons.

4 periods, between 1st and 29th of November, 2 persons/period

What you will get:
* 6 nights in our studio (cleaning and meals not included)
* participation to olive collection in the region
* gift 1 kg olives +1 l olive oil
* cooking lesson: how to prepare olives for the winter
* visit to the olive pressing factory
* cooking lesson: our star the OLIVES
* 1 day excursion: the interesting places of our region

in: November 1 - out: November 8
in: November 8  - out: November 15
in: November 15  - out: November 22
in: November 22  - out: November 29

Transfer to/from Athens airport: 200 euro

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